Women in Tech – Developing Daughters For Success!

A coworker recently asked me to take notes at a company meeting. I answered by saying yes, but just to clarify – not because I’m a woman. Fitting in a specific role or category has been something I’ve fought against my whole life, but times are changing (thank goodness). Luckily this coworker wasn’t a sexist or misogynistic male trying to establish dominance over the new female, but a leader utilizing their resources to the best of their ability. You see, I was the new employee, and like it or not I had a long way to go in learning a new role.


Are Universities Educating Students For The Jobs of Tomorrow?

Our nation’s student loan crisis has many wondering whether or not college is still worth the price of admission.

As the collective debt balloons past $1.5 trillion, traditional four-year universities seem less and less auspicious. What’s more, thanks to the breakneck speed of innovation, experts predict many jobs of today won’t even exist in the next decade. We’re living in an era when driverless cars, robotic warehouse workers, and AI-based customer service agents are real-world products, no longer the stuff of science fiction.


ETHDenver – A Techtonic Success!

On Saturday, February 16th, a group from Techtonic made their way to the ETHDenver conference. It was located at one of Denver’s historic landmarks, Gart Sports Castle. The ETH in ETHDenver stands for Ethereum, which is a one-of-a-kind platform used to build decentralized applications [aka dApps]. This event is the largest Ethereum-based hackathon where developers and enthusiasts alike collaborate in building projects, share their dApps, and discuss trends and developer tools in the industry. We also had the opportunity to complete a transaction in bufficoin! The team also attended a variety of interesting panels, and networked with like-minded colleagues at a variety of booths.


Apprenticeships – Disrupting Higher Education

With college loans soaring, more students are considering alternative forms of skill building. In the world of software development, apprenticeships and boot camps are fast becoming the new normal for those looking to enter the industry. While both practices have their own list of advantages and disadvantages, in this article we’ll talk about why apprenticeships not only bring more value than boot camps, but also when compared to traditional universities as well.

In addition, we’ll explore Germany’s acclaimed apprenticeship model, followed by discussing ways America’s policymakers can improve our K-12 system to help bridge the gap.