The Top 5 Reasons Your Software Strategy Is Incomplete

Since we opened shop in 2006, clients have come to us with projects in varying stages of the development pipeline. While some projects were close, needing just a bit of outside guidance to cross the finish line, others were merely in the concept phase, or even in need of re-concepting.

In an attempt to better understand why some projects fail, we noticed several recurring stumbling blocks that seem to derail well-intentioned businesses in their quest. This article will first focus on the top 5 reasons why your software project isn’t complete; followed by worthwhile solutions that we offer to our clients.


Top 5 Pain Points When Developing New Software

Creating new software can be ferociously difficult. This is true no matter the size of your organization or the project at hand. Setbacks, misconceptions, scope changes, and budget overruns are just some of the impediments that plague developers.

With so many potential pitfalls, it’s easy to see why in-house software projects have such an abnormally high failure rate. In fact, according to one estimate, “only 34% of projects finish on time and only 42% come in on budget.” Going further, a different study suggests a whopping “70% of the companies polled reported having at least one project failure in the last year.”


Outsourcing – Weighing Opportunity and Project Costs

Simply put, outsourcing is the process by which one firm hires a third-party to fulfill one or more of its business needs. In the world of software development, outsourcing is on the rise. As you’d imagine, the right vendor can provide an enormous advantage to your company. However, choosing a development partner that fits your organization isn’t a simple, straight-forward process.

For example, there are factors such as offshore versus onshore, costs versus expertise, outsourcing versus outstaffing, and many pros/cons upper management should weigh before a final decision is made.


5 Reasons You Might Need A Software Development Partner

Developing new software is often compared to scaling Everest. While thousands have conquered its rocky peaks, the success of every journey is largely attributable to the skilled guides who accompany the climbers.

In the fast-paced world of software development, firms like ours are here to serve as your guide. Software development partners such as Techtonic help companies bring their software projects to life while cutting cost and providing flexibility.

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the ‘hidden’ benefits of outsourcing to our Denver onshore software development teams.